Watch 9-Year-Old Australian Rugby Prodigy Demolish Everything in His Path

Attempting to tackle him is an exercise in futility.

Think about the sports you were playing at age 9. Maybe you were in a community soccer league where the goalies were so afraid of being hit by the ball they'd dive out of the way and expose an open net. Maybe you started coach-pitch and were learning how to a hit a baseball thrown at 20 mph. Or, if you're a kid in Australia who signed up for youth rugby, maybe you're learning how to get completely destroyed by a child much, much bigger than you.

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That's what happening to children who have gotten in the way of Meaalofa Te'o, the enormous rugby prodigy who rumbles over the rugby field like a rhino through a flock of seagulls. A native of Victoria, Te'o is not only worlds stronger than anyone trying to tackle him, but he's faster too—despite weighing close to 50 pounds more than anyone else around him.

For those brave enough to attempt to bring Te'o down, their valor is rewarded with a face full of dirt and a foggy memory as Te'o throws them to the ground.

"He is a very good player but soft at heart. He is a very humble young boy," Teo's father, Karene, told Fox Sports Australia.

Whatever you say, pops.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock