WATCH: 94-Year-Old Man Still Plays Hockey

World War II veteran Mark Sertich is living proof that you're never too old to play hockey.

Mark Sertich is a 94-year-old hockey player from Duluth, Minnesota who still tears up the ice. Not just occasionally, either. This World War II veteran plays hockey three days a week all year round, and if you're wondering how he does it, this is what he will tell you.

"The most important step is that first one out the door, and even when you don't feel like doing it, you make up your mind and do it because once you're out there, you're OK," he says in the video.

Sertich starts his day doing Push-Ups and Sit-Ups. Playing hockey at his age is incredible, but Sertich ran his first marathon at age 59, then competed in five more after that. He also has completed eleven inline skating marathons.

Check out videos of Sertich below:

Mark Sertich plays hockey at 94

Sertich plays hockey at 90, scores goal at 1:05

Story about Sertich playing hockey at 77

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock