WATCH: A Strongman and a Powerlifter Go Head-to-Head in a Strength Duel, Lift Massive Amounts of Weight

Watch a strongman and powerlifter compete in a three-exercise circuit to see which one is the stronger athlete.

Strongman competitors and powerlifters are gigantic human beings. They train with crazy amounts of weight so they can lift massive amounts in competition. The main difference between them is the type of weight they lift.

Both strongmen and powerlifters are ridiculously strong, no doubt. But the folks at wanted to see which type of athlete is stronger. They set up a competition between Daniele Pauli, a competitive powerlifter from Switzerland, and strongman Michael Blumstein, who in 2014 was the strongest man in Germany and a World Cup winner in the Squat and Deadlift.

The two lifters were given nine minutes to finish 20 reps of the following three exercises at their own pace:

  • Log Bench Press - 264 pounds
  • Squat - 440 pounds
  • Deadlift - 440 pounds

Both lifters start strong on the Log Bench Press, but things begin to unravel for one competitor during the Squat. Watch the video above (the competition starts at 3:55) to see who won the battle.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock