Watch Baylor's Long Snapper Launch a Ball Into a Trash Can from the Top of McLane Stadium

Baylor's Jimmy Landes is trying to give football long snappers some much-needed love. Watch his incredible video.


Football long snappers never get the love they deserve. The only time you hear their name is when grown men curse them for snapping the ball over the holder's head or too low to pick up. You never hear anyone say, "wow, that was a perfect snap to set up that field goal." It's a sad, lonely world out there for long snappers.

But fortunately, Baylor long snapper Jimmy Landes is trying to change all that by showing off how talented long snappers really are. The Bears senior tweeted out a video of himself snapping a football from the top of Baylor's McLane Stadium into a trash can situated right behind a goalpost on the field below. The awesomeness of it all is captured in the reaction of his friends and the fact that the video made its way onto ESPN.

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Jimmy Landes—a hero for long snappers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock