WATCH: Brewers Minor League Outfielder Has the Most Ridiculous Laugh in All of Pro Sports

You'll never believe this ridiculous laugh from Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Brett Phillips.

Brett Phillips Laughing

Do you remember when a group of your buddies tried to make you laugh while you posed on picture day in school? Well, the Milwaukee Brewers are still pulling those hijinks, especially with minor league outfielder Brett Phillips, who happens to have the most ridiculous laugh known to man. Phillips put on one helluva show for the photographer during the team's Spring Training media day. Watch the video below to get the full effect of Phillips's frozen Popeye face and high-pitched squealing.

Most people lower their heads and walk away in the midst of a laughing fit, but for some unknown reason, Phillips is just locked in place as though he wants the photographer to capture every bizarre second of the fit. Whether Phillips gets called up to the Majors this year is uncertain, but he is already a first-ballot candidate for the Goofball Hall of Fame.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock