WATCH: Brooklyn Nets' Brook Lopez Body Slams Raptors Mascot Onto the Court

The Lopez brothers ratcheted up their feud with the Toronto Raptors mascot.

Raptors Mascot

The Toronto Raptors took on the Brooklyn Nets last night and came away with a win, 104-99. But the Raptor mascot did not have a good night.

Most people are aware of the feud  between "Raptor" and New York Knicks center Robin Lopez, but last night it was the Nets center, Robin's brother Brook, who got into a fight with the mascot. We are unsure of the motive behind Brook's act of violence against Raptor— possibly revenge for his brother? Or maybe it runs in the Lopez family to dislike mascots?

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Whatever the case may be, Raptor definitely paid the price. Brook chased him down, flipped him  and slammed him down in the middle of the court.

But the Lopez brothers better watch out. They are outnumbered by mascots and shouldn't start something they can't finish.

Watch the funny video below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock