WATCH: Cal Pitcher Throws Baseball Through Free-Falling Tube

This bullpen game turned into an incredible internet video.

Cal Baseball

When you're a relief pitcher, time can slow down and things can get pretty tedious. You can only digest so many sunflower seeds or chew so many pieces of gum before your teeth start to rot. By the fifth inning, when you're still waiting for a call to the bullpen, and having exhausted all other time-passing options, you and your fellow hurlers have to get creative.

That's how we get this amazing video from Cal's Ryan Mason, a relief pitcher who miraculously threw a baseball through a tube that his bullpen mates had tossed into the air. Mason gets the ball clean through the tube as it begins to obey the law of gravity. Pac-12 Network cameras were there to capture it in crispy high def.

There are worse ways to pass the time in the bullpen, especially when you're goofing off activity goes viral.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock