WATCH: Cam Newton Blasts Kickball Out of the Park, Celebrates By Dabbing

Cam Newton has already taken his famous dance out of retirement.

Perhaps the Dab isn't dead after all.

Just a day after announcing he would retire the dance he used over and over again during the 2015 NFL season, Cam Newton pulled it back out to celebrate a mammoth home run that he hit during his Cam Newton Foundation Charity Weekend Kickball Tournament, held in Charlotte on Friday afternoon.

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Wearing steel-toed boots so that he could "kick the sh*t out of the ball," Newton belted the ball over the makeshift fence that surrounded the field. As he rounded third base, he gathered his younger teammates and had them all Dab on the count of three.

The Dab lives on.

Cam Newton Dab

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock