WATCH: Cam Newton Sends a Group of Seventh Graders Into a Frenzy By Joining Their Pickup Football Game

The kids go absolutely nuts when Cam Newton strolls up and hops into their pickup football game.

Cam Newton

One of the most common characterizations of the Carolina Panthes' forever-smiling quarterback Cam Newton is that he's just a kid trapped inside an enormous man's body. It makes sense then that the NFL MVP would join the action after driving by and noticing a bunch of seventh graders playing pickup football. Of course one of the kids was rocking a Cam Newton jersey.

That's what happened when Newton drove by the Community School of Davidson, sending the youngsters into a frenzy when he hopped the fence outside the school and joined their football game. One of the kids almost passed out from pure joy.

"I saw one girl crying and hyperventilating," Mimi Siadak, a teacher at Davidson, told WSOC TV.  "And when I asked, 'Sweetheart what's wrong?' She said, 'That was just the best moment of my life.'"

Cam Newton With Kids Dabbing

The best part of the entire incident was captured in the above photo showing all of the kids doing the "Dab," Newton's signature touchdown celebration, which swept through the NFL last season. Best. Recess. Ever.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock