WATCH: Chad Ochocinco, 'Still On The McDonald's Sh*t,' Offers The Worst Nutrition Advice Ever

Chad Ochocinco is sadly mistaken, but his views on performance nutrition are entertaining nonetheless.

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson has never been afraid to speak his mind.

The six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver did exactly that on Twitter earlier today, getting into a prolonged argument about the impact nutrition has on human health and performance. In Johnson's mind, how you eat has zero effect on how you feel, how you perform and how long you ultimately live. That's why he has no regrets about subsisting almost entirely on fast food, a habit that dates back to his playing days. When Twitter user @JerrySnarkanian tried to wise him up about nutrition, Johnson was having none of it:


This is not the first time Johnson has derided the idea that your diet can affect how you feel. In the video player above, you'll find a clip from a 2011 STACK interview with Johnson, in which he outlines his thoughts on nutrition. As you can tell, he really, really loves McDonald's.

Thousands of studies prove Johnson wrong, but the man seems stuck in his opinion. If you're reading this, Chad, at least check out the article below.

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Chad Ochocinco Loves McDonald's

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