WATCH: Cubs Kris Bryant Pretends to Be a Transfer and Pranks College Team

Watch this junior college baseball team get fooled by Cubs All-Star Kris Bryant in a prank set up by Red Bull.

Kris Bryant

There always seems to be a player who joins a team late or transfers from another squad and doesn't have to do the work, but still plays. The Mesa Community College baseball team recently found themselves in that situation—sort of.

Red Bull pulled a prank in which Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant pretended to be a transfer player from Europe, coming in to steal playing time from some of Mesa's starters. Even before Bryant (a.k.a. Roy) arrived, the athletes started worrying about their job security. As soon as the big league slugger showed up and started cranking out big hits, he had everyone's attention.

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You can see it in these young ballplayers' eyes. They knew that "Roy" was something special. But it didn't take long for the Mesa players to realize something was amiss. The ruse was short-lived, and after a few thunderous cracks of the bat, Bryant's true identity was revealed.

Watch the funny prank below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock