WATCH: Dallas Cowboys' Cornerback Pops His Knee Back Into Place Without Missing a Beat

Watch, if you dare, as this NFL defensive back corrects a dislocated knee all by himself—and stays on the field.

Byron Jones

Dallas Cowboys rookie cornerback Byron Jones must not feel pain. Last Saturday night against the New York Jets, Jones tackled an opponent out of bounds and somehow popped his knee out of place.

Most players would stay on the ground holding their leg and writhing in pain. Not Jones. He sort of just looks at it, then takes his hands and slowly pops his knee back into place. You can see the knee lock when he moves it to where it's supposed to be.

Jones told reporters after the game, "I didn't notice it was over to the side, I felt it stuck a little bit, so I just slowly straightened it, and it just felt good from there."

What a tough dude! Watch the video below, but beware: it borders on gruesome.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock