WATCH: Dustin Brown Hits the Most Incredible Tennis Shot You'll Ever See

Tennis pro Dustin Brown might be the King of tough shots.

Dustin Brown

Meet Dustin "Dreddy" Brown, a Jamaican-German professional tennis player you've probably never heard of. Currently ranked No. 133 in the world, Brown has never gone higher than No. 78, and his career singles record is 37-62.

When it comes to impossible shots, though, Brown might be No. 1 in the world.

Playing in an ATP Challenger tournament in Bergamo, Italy, Brown appeared to be in no man's land in the middle of the court after charging the net too soon and lofting a shot that had landed near his feet softly back over the net. His opponent, Aldin Setkic, blasted a backhand to Brown's left. Brown, who is right-handed, swung his right arm behind his back and hit a winner that zoomed past Setkic into the deuce court.

It wasn't the first jaw-dropping shot Brown hit at Bergamo. Last year, he hit this ridiculous volley for a winner. At age 31, Brown still has time to make a run in a major tournament. He got to the third round of Wimbeldon last year, after all. But something tells us he will  remain the King of Tough Shots even if he never wins another tournament.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock