WATCH: Elementary School Kids Pour Water All Over Stephen Curry

School kids wanted to imitate Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green by dumping cold water on Steph Curry's head. Curry said 'OK.'

There's a joke in here somewhere, about how the only way to cool off the perpetually hot Stephen Curry is to pour cold water on him. That's what his teammate Draymond Green has been doing during post-game interviews. Green sneaks up behind Curry with a couple of cups of icy water and dumps them all over his head, getting Curry to respond with such adorable phrases as "MOTHER SUCKER!"

It's become a "thing" in the Bay Area, similar to Chris Bosh photobombing his teammates in Miami. So when Curry took an off day to visit an Oakland elementary school, all the kids wanted to do was play Draymond Green and dump water on their favorite player. Curry said yes, and that's how we got this amazing video of 10 little Warriors fans giving Curry a shower.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock