WATCH: FIU Player Lands Multiple Crane Kicks to Opponent's Groin

Watch FIU forward Adrian Diaz intentionally kick an opponent in the crotch twice.

FIU Player Kicks Opponent in the Groin

FIU junior forward Adrian Diaz channeled his inner Ralph Macchio last night and went all Karate Kid on a UTEP opponent with two swift kicks to the junk. With 1:30 to go in the game, a clearly frustrated Diaz raised his leg to make contact with the opponent's undercarriage before regrouping and firing a second kick to the player's manhood. Watch the violent hightop-on-crotch violence below.

FIU lost the Conference USA Tournament second-round contest, but not before Diaz was issued a flagrant 2 and ejected from the game. Kicks to the genitals are frowned upon by the NCAA and men everywhere.

We wish a speedy recovery to the victim and hope he bounces back for round three. We offer no love to this Diaz character, who comes off as a real ball buster. Ya know?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock