WATCH: Former MLB Player Luis Jimenez Trips Hard During Home Run Trot in Korea

This is so funny that even Jimenez laughed at himself tripping on his way to home plate.

Luis Jiminez

Home runs electrify the crowd and give hitters the opportunity to take a victory lap around the bases while the fans rejoice in the glorious moment.

But what happens when a brave hitter struggles to make it around the bases and ends up turning a heroic baseball moment into pure comedy? The video below happens.

Enjoy watching former MLB player and current LG Twins (Korean Baseball Organization) star Luis Jimenez smack a two-run shot over the left field wall, then face plant like a Chris Farley character as he rounds third base. Jimenez spent part of last season with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Boston Red Sox, but it looks like he is becoming a fan favorite in Korea.

Jimenez took the spill in stride and laughed off the embarrassing blooper.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock