WATCH: Formula 1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Hits Golf Balls Off a Glacier

Lewis Hamilton took a break from Formula 1 racing to hit biodegradable golf balls into the clouds at the top of a glacier.

Lewis Hamilton - Glacier Golf

Lewis Hamilton is a three-time world champion Formula 1 racer. To be that successful in any sport, you have to put in many hours of grueling work. But it's also good to occasionally take time off to relax. One of the best activities for relaxation is golf, and that's what Hamilton chose to do.

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But Hamilton did not go to a country club and hit balls into a driving range fairway. He went to the top of a glacier in New Zealand and hit balls into the clouds. His swing looks decent, and that's a good thing, because one unbalanced step could cause a nasty fall.

Check out the tweet below and let's all be jealous of the beautiful view Hamilton enjoyed.

Driving biodegradable golf balls above the clouds!! Unreal experience! #newzealand #southisland


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock