WATCH: Glenn Gronkowski (a.k.a., 'Baby Gronk') Is Balling Out at the Senior Bowl

Glenn Gronkowski, younger brother to all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski, is making his case for an NFL career.

Glenn Gronkowski

If the Gronkowski family's plan is to have someone with their last name in the NFL until the end of time, they're doing a pretty good job of it. The entire Gronkowski clan is in Mobile, Alabama today to watch Glenn, the youngest of the five Gronkowski boys, participate in the Senior Bowl, where he hopes to improve his draft stock.

As a fullback at Kansas State, Gronkowski didn't get a ton of opportunities to run with or catch the ball, but he made the most of it when he did, especially as a senior. This season, the kid they call "Baby Gronk" carried the ball only 11 times, but got 45 yards out of it. He also caught five balls out of the backfield for 76 yards and a touchdown. Not bad for a guy whose primary responsibility is to block.

Gronk has been showing off his receiving chops in a big way at today's Senior Bowl, hauling in a 10-plus-yard reception and a 33-yard catch-and-run from quarterback Brandon Allen on successive plays. Gronkowski is trying to show he has the versatility to play tight end as well, and it certainly looks like he's got the ability to do it.

Gronkowski has actually already met with the Patriots while he was practicing in Mobile this week, and he said it would "be awesome" to play with his older brother Rob. He was always too young to play on the same football team with any of his four brothers. If Baby Gronk does indeed make it to the NFL, he will become the fourth Gronkowski to spend time in the pros.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock