WATCH: Grigor Dimitrov Goes On Racquet-Smashing Rampage, Forfeits Match

Grigor Dimitrov desperately needs anger management training—along with several new tennis racquets.

Grigor Dimitrov

It's impossible to participate in a tennis match if you do not have a racquet. Grigor Dimitrov found this out the hard way, when he had to forfeit a match after he obliterated all of his racquets in frustration.

After winning the first set of the final match at the Istanbul Open against Diego Schwartzman and racing out to a 5-2 lead in the second set, Dimitrov began to unravel. He ended up losing the second set, reportedly breaking five strings in the process. By the third set, he had completely lost it. Dimitriov became so irritated that he began smashing his racquets left and right, destroying three of them in the process.

Down 5-0 in the third set, Dimitrov had had enough. After ruining his final racquet, he walked over to the umpire, shook his hand and forfeited the match. Out of racquets and out of patience, it was all he could do.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock