WATCH: High School Baseball Umpire Suspiciously Kicks Dirt Over Home Plate to Hide It From Runner

The umpire covers the plate with dirt. But why?

J. T. Morgan

Referees and umpires are supposed to keep everything in line during sporting events to make sure the games are not disrupted. But what happens when a ref does something suspicious? Who referees the refs?

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During a Texas Bi-District Playoff baseball game between Texas High School (Texarkana, Texas) and Whitehouse High School (Whitehouse, Texas), a Texas Tigers player named J.T. Morgan clouted a home run; but as he was trotting around the bases, the first base umpire did something really strange. He ran from his post at first base and kicked dirt all over home plate, obscuring it from the runner.

Why would an umpire try to hide the plate from a runner? Oh, and this ump also stayed close to the plate to make sure the runner didn't touch it.

Whatever the case may be, it was a weird situation. Check out the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock