WATCH: High School Basketball Player Falls in Love With Reporter on Live TV

This high school basketball player was instructed to not look at the camera. He didn't.

Samm Jones

DeLaSalle High School (Minnesota) just won its fifth straight 3A state championship. With all of that success, you would imagine the team is used to attention from the press. But at least one DeLaSalle player wasn't ready for it.

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After winning the game, senior guard Samm Jones was being interviewed alongside his coach. Apparently, he was told not to look at the camera, so he set his sights on reporter Allie Arlt and did not look away.

Maybe he believes in love at first sight and was waiting for her to look at him—or maybe he just takes directions very well. Whatever the case, the video is pretty funny. Watch it below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock