Watch Hilarious Basketball Player Stereotypes Video by @BdotAdot5

This hilarious video parodies common types of basketball players, including 'the hustler' and the 'coach's pet.'

Known for making videos that closely imitate professional basketball players, @BdotAdot5 is great at making fun of their games. Whether it's the position they play or the type of player they are, players have distinctly different styles.

@BdotAdot5 recently made a video making fun of some classic basketball stereotypes, and he nailed it. From the hooper with all the gear to the big guy who only shoots 3s, from the coach's pet to the hustler, you know at least one of the players being imitated (parodied) here—and that's why this video is so funny.

Check it out below and laugh while you remember your basketball buddies (and they remember you).

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock