Watch Jake Arrieta Hit the Longest Home Run by a Pitcher in MLB History

Jake Arrieta is on a home-run-hitting mission in 2017.

Jake Arrieta

As if helping to bring the Chicago Cubs their first championship in over 100 years wasn't enough, pitcher Jake Arrieta is now hitting dingers halfway to the moon, just to show off.

In a spring training matchup with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arrieta teed off on Zack Grienke—you know, the dude who once won the Cy Young—and hit the baseball an estimated 465 feet. That's incredibly far, far enough to make it the longest home run ever hit by a pitcher in MLB history.

If you hit a baseball over 400 feet, you're doing something right.

Arietta's bomb slotted in just 30 feet shorter than the longest home run hit in all of 2016, a 495-foot rocket off the bat of known dinger-hitter Giancarlo Stanton. In fact, Arrieta broke his own record for a pitcher-hit home run, one he set in April of last year when he jacked a two-run homer 442 feet against (guess who?) the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Opposing pitchers, beware in 2017. One of your own is on a mission to hit dingers with the best of them.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock