WATCH: Tennessee Running Back Squats 255 Pounds—On One Leg

Jalen Hurd's leg workouts are pretty arduous. But they only help increase his speed.

Tennessee Volunteers running back Jalen Hurd is pretty fast.

Scratch that, he's like the Flash fast. From running 23.1 mph on a treadmill in May to running a 4.47 40-Yard Dash, he is quick enough to be one of the nation's best backs this fall.

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Now, in June, Hurd is continuing to bolster his leg strength and explosion. And he's doing it by squatting 255 pounds on one leg.

Yes, you read that right. On Monday, the running back posted a video on Instagram of himself performing a Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squat. Hurd also uses chains—the chains are excluded from the total weight—so he's actually lifting more than 255.

Hurd's use of chains is a workout technique called accommodating resistance, which challenges the entire range of motion of a rep. With a traditional lift, the amount of weight used is limited by how much the lifter can handle at his weakest point, which is at the bottom of the rep. With chains, it's possible to challenge your strength on the full rep since the weight increases as links of the chains come off the ground.

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To top it off, Hurd is doing this arduous task at the end of his workout. With workouts like these, he is aiming to build upon a solid sophomore season in which he ran for 1,288 yards and 12 touchdowns, ranking fourth in yards and sixth in touchdowns in the Southeastern Conference.

Jalen Hurd

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