Watch Johnny Manziel Throw His First Touchdown Pass in Over Two Years in His Spring League Debut

Johnny Manziel is back in action for the first time since 2015.

The last time Johnny Manziel was in pads and a uniform tossing a football that was caught in the end zone, he was a Cleveland Brown and the year was 2015. On Saturday, rocking all black with a "TSL" decal on his helmet, Manziel once again found the end zone, throwing a 12-yard touchdown pass in his Spring League debut in Austin, Texas.

The play was what you've come to expect from Manziel, as he escaped the pocket to his right and launched the ball to the back right corner of the end zone with a defender in his face. That would be the only highlight of the day for Manziel, who finished the game 9-of-15 for 83 yards and said TD while being sacked three times.

"It's our first game. We shot ourselves with mistakes. I mean, we practiced a lot, a lot of stuff this week," Manziel said afterwards. "But I mean it's a showcase game. It's a quick two-week, two-game spring league. So as frustrated as I am now, I made it through the two quarters that I did play. I'm healthy. Had fun. I had fun nonetheless. The touchdown in the first quarter was fun. But it's just a sour, sour taste right now."

Manziel will get another chance to show his progress on his comeback tour on Thursday in Austin for his second Spring League game.