WATCH: Kansas Star Wayne Selden's Crazy Dunk Makes His Uncle Lose His Ever-Loving Mind

The reaction from a Kansas player's uncle following his monster dunk is priceless.

Anthony Pitts

Kansas took down Baylor on Friday to advance to the Big 12 Tournament finals, a win punctuated by an absolutely devastating dunk by Wayne Selden Jr. that sent the internet into a frenzy.

Selden's dunk was so absurd that Kansas's bench players got up and started celebrating before he even finished it. His teammates knew how crazy it would be. But by far the best reaction came from Anthony Pitts Jr., who happens to be Selden's uncle.

Wearing a clock around his neck reminiscent of Flava Flav, a fashion statement he apparently makes at every game, Pitts went absolutely bananas in the stands after his nephew's throwdown, removing his hat with one hand while appearing to almost faint—as if he'd caught the Holy Ghost in the middle of a church service.

Pitts's reaction was caught on camera, and instantly went viral. Pitts's and Selden's quotes about it after the game made it even more hilarious.

"He's crazy," Selden told ESPN. "I love him. But he's crazy. He has fun with it."

Pitts had this to say about his momentary loss of sanity.

"It was emotional, I mean, I grew hair," Pitts said. "Last time I seen a dunk like that, [Selden] was 13. I was like 'Wow.' That's my guy. I love him to death and I just want him to be happy."

We're looking forward to what Pitts has in store for the championship game on Saturday night.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock