WATCH: LeBron James Reveals the 2 Stats He Cares Most About (Besides Wins And Losses)

LeBron James says shooting a high percentage and limiting turnovers are the keys to winning in the NBA.

LeBron James Free Throw

Stephen Curry hit 402 3-pointers during the 2015-2016 regular season, obliterating the previous single-season record 0f 286—which, by the way, he himself set in 2014-15. An eye-popping stat like that is sure to get people talking, and a reporter recently asked LeBron James if the Cleveland Cavaliers had any thoughts about Steph's incredible record. King James had this to say:

J.R. Smith actually hit 204 3-pointers during the regular season, and LeBron hit 87, but the most interesting portion of that video was when a reporter asked James which stats he values most. Aside from wins, James mentioned two important efficiency statistics. "[It's about] efficiency, for me," he said. "I think about my field-goal percentage and my turnovers."

LeBron has always been an extremely efficient scorer. Since 2004, his second season in the NBA, he has never shot less than .472% from the field in a season. His current career field goal percentage of .4978% ranks 28th among active NBA players, and nearly every player who ranks ahead of him is a center or power forward. LeBron has also been very good at distributing the basketball and keeping his turnovers low. During the regular season, his assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.06 ranked second among NBA small forwards.

If James plays his efficient game and his dominant brand of basketball in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cavaliers will be tough to beat.

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