WATCH: LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus Ball Out as a Proud LeBron James Looks On

LeBron James takes time off to watch his young sons play in a basketball showcase. LeBron Jr. has some serious skills.

Watch LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus Ball Out as a Proud LeBron James Looks On

With an absurdly busy schedule, both during the NBA season and the off-season, LeBron James gets few opportunities to watch his two sons play. Fortunately when he does, the two youngsters put on a show.

During a recent off day, James spent the afternoon watching his boys dominate their respective North Coast Blue Chips teams during an "Ohio Showcase" basketball tournament in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Bryce Maximus, the younger of the two, was impressive, hitting several jump shots and even using the glass to bank a couple home.

But it was LeBron Jr. who truly stole the show.

The 11-year-old is already a terror on the court, showing off incredible handles, a passing ability akin to his father's and a nice shooting touch, both from deep and around the rim. The best part of this video, though, is when James Jr. hounds his man on defense and forces a turnover after a five-second call. He starts clapping as the camera pans over to his dad, who is on his feet in the stands, clapping along with his son to applaud his defensive effort.

Basketball greatness runs in the family.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock