WATCH: Middle School Girl is Very Bad at Track, Excels at Repeated Faceplanting

Watch this middle school track meet as it quickly spirals into a series of faceplants.

Middle School Girl Track Fail

Thank you to Lexi Cornelius for this gem of sports videography. We do not have much background here, but it looks like we're watching the 100-Meter Dash at a middle school girls track meet (we're using the term "dash" loosely, as no one seems to be showing much urgency to get to the finish line). Before the competitors even take their marks, it is clear that a train wreck is approaching.

None of the "sprinters" seems to know what's going on as they carry on conversations with one another. This is not how the 100-meter event usually starts. The most confusion is coming from lane 6, where the racer in red almost falls over while trying to stand up and look around. She has clearly never seen starting blocks in her 11 to 13 years on this earth.

What happens next can best be summarized as follows:

:10— The racers get set, raising their hips into the air and preloading their muscles for an explosive start.

:11—Our friend in lane 6 false starts, but it goes unnoticed because it's more of an involuntary twitch than a start.

:12—Aforementioned racer dives face first into the hard rubber track as though the starting pistol was aimed directly at her legs.

:13—The fallen runner fights nobly to get to her feet and catch up to the other runners who are now 15 feet ahead of her.

:14-:15—She has either really been shot or her legs are made of rubber. She stumbles and finally faceplants again six feet down the track.

:16—A caring spectator asks the runner, "Are you OK, honey?" The runner does not have time to respond, as she flips her ponytail to the side and starts running, kind of, before putting her arms out to the side as if to say, "WTF just happened to my legs?"

:17—Another (less-caring) spectator offers perhaps the best advice you can give to someone taking part in a sprinting event. "RUN!"

Watch the full video below and cringe along with us.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock