WATCH: Nearly A Month After Playing in One of The Coldest Games in NFL History, Kam Chancellor's Frost-Bitten Fingers are Still Disgustingly Gnarly

Kam Chancellor's hands are apparently still suffering from frostbite.

Playing football in a -25 degree wind chill is not great for your skin.

Just ask Kam Chancellor.

Chancellor, a safety for the Seattle Seahawks, recently posted a video on his Instagram showing off his gnarly, frost-bitten, cracked fingers. According to Chancellor, they've been that way since the Seahawks' playoff match-up against the Vikings in Minnesota, over three weeks ago.

The Seahawks' prevailed by a score of 10-9 in the coldest home game in Vikings' history. Chancellor racked up three tackles and a crucial forced fumble, despite the fact that his fingers felt like popsicles.

Props to both teams for battling through those bone-chilling conditions. I'm gonna go turn up my thermostat.

Kam Chancellor

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock