WATCH: Pro Bodybuilder Competes Against NFL Prospect In 4,800-Pound Hummer Pull

Who can pull a 4,800-pound Hummer 20 yards in less time—pro football players or bodybuilders?

When you pit professional bodybuilders against NFL prospects in a series of athletic competitions, who comes out on top?

That's the question the guys at TEST Football Academy and Inner Armour wanted to answer. We've already seen the athletes post some ridiculous numbers in these epic battles, including the 225-pound Bench test and the Vertical Jump.

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This week, the bodybuilders and NFL prospects square off in a 20-yard timed Car Pull. But this is no ordinary automobile. It's a 4,800-pound Hummer H3. Watch the video above to see who conquers this awesome challenge.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock