WATCH: Pro Bodybuilders and NFL Prospects Compete in a Massive Tug of War Battle

Bodybuilders and NFL prospects compete in a tug of war battle. Who wins?

When you pit professional bodybuilders against NFL prospects in a series of athletic competitions, who comes out on top?

That's the question the guys at TEST Football Academy and Inner Armour wanted to answer. Last week, we saw the bodybuilders capture a win with an incredible 58 reps on the 225-pound Bench test.

This week, a group of bodybuilders (plus former NFL All-Pro Bart Scott) took on a group of current NFL prospects in a tug of war battle. Did the bodybuilders' pure strength win out over the NFL prospects' superior athletic ability? Watch the video above to see the result.

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Bodybuilders vs NFL Prospects Tug of War

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock