WATCH: Pro Lacrosse Goalie Levels Opposing Player On Breakaway Goal Attempt

Watch this lacrosse goalie blow up an opponent who was on a fast break toward the goal.

Colorado Mammoth goalie Alex Buque lived up to his team's nickname on Saturday by delivering a colossal blow to an opponent on a breakaway attempt. The Mammoth were facing the Calgary Roughnecks when Karsen Leung received the ball with no defenders between him and the goal—except for Buque of course. In most cases, a goalie's only opportunity to stop an attack like this is to sit back in goal and hope to block a shot. The odds are not in his favor. But Buque was having none of that. Instead,he delivered a rude awakening to show the Roughnecks whose house they were in.

As Leung caught the pass from a teammate and ran toward the goal, Buque exploded out from between pipes and leveled Leung WWE-style. Watching this will make you cringe—or smile, depending on what type of individual you are.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock