WATCH: Recreational Basketball Team Scores Huge Alley-Oop

Clearly the defense is woefully overmatched.

Recreational Basketball Team Scores Huge Alley-Oop

Recreational basketball games are typically one-sided. One team is usually heads-over its opponent in skill and athleticism. Most people play recreational basketball for one reason: to have fun. Nevertheless, the disparity between the two teams on this alley-oop play is embarrassing.

The defense just stands around, hoping nothing terrible will happens (like a dunk), but that hope was as good as their help side defense—they tried, but they really didn't.

The offense runs a play they seem to know will be successful. Their point guard does a behind-the-back crossover to beat his defender, and as the alley-oop recipient executes a back door cut, it's over for the defense.

At least the offense appeared to have fun on the possession, because the defense could only walk down the court with bowed heads.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock