Watch Retired NFL Fullback Heath Evans Bang Out 40 Reps of 225 Pounds on the Bench Press

Evans has been retired for seven years, but he's as strong as ever.

Former New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots fullback Heath Evans has been retired since 2010, but the current NFL Network analyst might actually be in better shape at 38 years old than he ever was as a player. And with the NFL Combine only a day away, Evans decided to show off his strength and perhaps set the bar for every NFL prospect getting ready to perform the 225 Bench Press test.

Evans took to his Instagram to bang out a ridiculous 40 reps at 225 pounds. Since the Combine's inception, only a handful of prospects have gotten 40 or more reps on the Bench Press. Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Stephen Paea holds the current record of 49 reps, which he pumped out in 2011. All of this only makes Evans's feat even more impressive.

Evans's Instagram is littered with workout videos. The dude doesn't look like he's taken a day off since he announced his retirement from the NFL. If Evans can knock out 40 reps, these spry NFL prospects have no excuse not to do the same this weekend.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock