WATCH: Riley Curry Is Making Sure NBA Media Keeps Voting For Her Dad

Riley Curry is becoming almost as famous as her double-MVP father.

Riley Curry
Remember when Riley Curry took the national spotlight beside her NBA MVP father during last year's league Finals?

Steph Curry's daughter dazzled the NBA media, giving sportswriters ideas to supplement their stories about the NBA star's play during the Finals, when he averaged 26 points per game on 44.3-percent shooting. As the world knows, the Warriors won the title, defeating the injury-depleted Cleveland Cavaliers in six games.

When Curry received his second straight NBA MVP award last night, his daughter made another press conference appearance, reminding NBA fans of her precociousness during last year's Finals.

This year, Curry was unanimously voted the league's MVP, the only player in NBA history to do so. Riley wanted to make sure that NBA voters keep voting for her father. She walked into Tuesday's press conference playfully making the "I'm watching you" signal to the assembled media. Curry already garners a ton of media attention. Does his daughter shy away from  the spotlight? On the contrary, she happily basks in it.

Check out the video of Riley Curry at her father's press conference below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock