WATCH: Rob Gronkowski and His Four Brothers Challenge Their Father in a Tug-of-War Battle

Watch Mr. Gronkowski take on his five sons in the most lopsided tug-of-war ever.

Winning a tug-of-war against All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski and his four brothers would seem impossible. They're a bunch of massive dudes who are workout fiends, and each has played professional sports.

So when their father Gordie decided to challenge them to a tug-of-war, he was essentially volunteering to lose. How can one man beat five giants? It was destined to be the most lopsided tug-of-war ever.

But Mr. Gronk had a plan. He knew he couldn't beat his sons by outmuscling them. Heck, even beating one of the brothers would have been difficult. So he opted to use guile and take advantage of his sons' competitive fire.

When the battle started, Gronk Senior dropped the rope, anticipating that his sons would pull as hard as they could. And he was right. They immediately fell backward and dropped the rope. Gordie picked it up, dragged it across the finish line for the win, and erupted in celebration. He had beaten his five behemoth sons with his cagey strategy.

Watch the video above to see our exclusive coverage of the Gronk tug-of-war.

Of course, the outcome of the tug-of-war wasn't pre-planned by the Gronks in any way, shape or form [hint of sarcasm here].

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock