WATCH: Sacramento Kings Guard Ben McLemore Challenges NBA's Top Dunkers With 'Half-Court Swish Dunk'

Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore created a trick shot-dunk and challenged other NBA dunkers try it.

When Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore came out of Kansas in 2013, he was considered to be a shooter and a leaper.

McLemore has a solid jump shot. During his college career, he shot 34.6 percent from 3. He's also a dunker. Competing in the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, he did a dunk called the Shaq-Lemore, in which he jumped over Shaquille O'Neal for an emphatic slam.

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Now, McLemore is combining those two skills, creating a "half-court swish dunk" challenge. On Wednesday, he posted a video on Instagram in which he shoots a half-court shot, and as the ball falls through the net onto the floor, he runs up to dunk it.

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In the post's caption, McLemore challenges his fellow high-flyers like Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon and Andrew Wiggins to do the trick-shot-dunk. LaVine and Gordon competed in this season's Slam Dunk Contest, and LaVine edged Gordon for the win in a competitive championship round.

Can the Kings guard get the challenge trending among the NBA's best dunkers? Maybe the NBA will have a mid-summer social media slam dunk contest as it prepares for the off-season.

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Ben McLemore


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