Watch Sammy Watkins Juke the NFL's Best Cornerback Out of His Shoes

Bills receiver Sammy Watkins put a move on Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis that left him flat-footed and out of the play.

The Buffalo Bills defeated the New York Jets 23-17 on Thursday Night Football. They wore bright red uniforms, which could surely be seen from space. The uniforms weren't a total disaster, though, because they put the spotlight directly on Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins giving Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis the juke of his life.

Sammy Watkins Juke

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On a short route early in the game, Watkins faked running a slant to his left, then darted back to his right to catch a nice little out route. The pass was thrown only a few yards, but Watkins' move and head fake left Revis, who is widely considered the best cornerback in the NFL, a solid 3 yards behind his man when the ball came out of quarterback Tyrod Taylor's hands. You just never see Revis get faked out so badly.

It's a testament to Watkins' work ethic, which STACK witnessed firsthand when he was training for the NFL Combine in 2013, and a perfect example of how great route running can make even the best defender look silly.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock