Watch Steph Curry Drain Halfcourt 3-Pointers Like Layups

Steph Curry is proving why he's the reigning NBA MVP.

Stephen Curry has been unstoppable this season, and a major reason why is that he's changing the entire thought process concerning how to guard him. With most players, you'd rather force them to take a deep 3 than allow them to drive to the hoop, right? It's a lower percentage shot, and if you can force the player to move while he shoots—either because he's using a pick to get open or you're hounding him defensively—even better.

Throw all that out the window. Though Curry is no slouch at driving to the basket, 3-pointers are like layups for him. They're automatic. Case in point: this video of Curry during pre-game warm-ups before his Golden State Warriors took on the Detroit Pistons last night. Curry drains 3-pointers from around halfcourt like they're free throws. He doesn't seem to be putting more effort into his shots than when he shoots normal 3-pointers—which makes the video even more impressive.

Another reason why we could be watching one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA history.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock