Watch Strongman Eddie Hall Bench Press Two Grown Men

Strongman Eddie Hall can lift anything.

Among the most annoying things about working out are putting weight on the bar, racking the weights and doing it over and over again. Well, English strongman Eddie Hall found a way around all that. Instead of using weights, he decided to bench press people.

The man nicknamed "The Beast" recently posted a video on Facebook showing him benching two grown men, one on each side of the bar. Why bother throwing weight on the bar when all you have to do is wait for two guys to climb aboard?

The two guys Hall benched look to be around the same weight, but the lift still hit different muscles than it would have with weight plates. Since the weight wasn't stable, Hall had to first find his balance before doing a rep. But even after he was good to go, the two guys he lifted moved around, forcing Hall to engage his smaller stability muscles.

In an unstable environment, even light weight can be difficult to lift for strong guys, because most don't hit their stability muscles very often. "Sometimes it's great to shake things up in the gym to rip new muscles, then repair to a bigger stronger self," Hall captioned the video. But the lift seemed to be no problem for the 6-foot-3, 400-pound, beast. I mean, he did deadlift over half a ton.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock