WATCH: The Fastest Pittsburgh Steelers Player is a Linebacker (Not Antonio Brown)

No one would fault you if you thought the fastest Steeler was Antonio Brown. But watch what happens when he races Ryan Shazier.

If somebody asked you to name the fastest player on the Pittsburgh Steelers, no one would fault you for guessing it's wide receiver Antonio Brown, the 4-time Pro Bowler who blows by defenders every Sunday during the season. But according to a recent video posted to Snapchat, you'd be wrong.

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Turns out the fastest player on the team is Steelers third-year linebacker Ryan Shazier. That's right, a linebacker. Coming out of Ohio State University, Shazier ran a 4.36 40-Yard Dash at his Pro Day. That's blazing, especially for a 6-foot-1, 230-pound linebacker.

The race on Snapchat shows Brown, Shazier, Markus Wheaton, Eli Rogers and Sammie Coates squaring off in a sprint.

The end was close, but it's clear that Shazier won.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock