Watch 'The Mountain' from 'Game of Thrones' Break the Keg Toss World Record

Hafthór Björnsson, 'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones,' continues his fantastic feats of strength.

Hafthór Björnsson, better known as Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane in Game of Thrones, is one massive strong man. Standing 6-foot-9 and weighing over 400 pounds, he has won Europe's strongest man competition twice in a row. So it's no surprise that he can throw a keg high enough in the air to break a world record.

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Beating the previous record, which he had set (of course), Björnsson tossed a 33-pound keg 24 feet and 6 inches into the air with apparent ease, as if it were a sack of potatoes. Almost as impressive as this fantastic feat of strength was his celebratory jump. You don't see many 400-pounders get up like that.

Watch "The Mountain" break the world record and then get hype in the video below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock