Watch This 11-Year-Old UNC Ball Boy Drain 3 Half-Court Shots in a Row While the Crowd Loses Its Mind

He's only 11 years old, but he's already UNC's most talked about baller.


Typically, a mid-January hoops matchup between North Carolina and NC State barely makes it onto the radar of the average fan. Despite the two schools sharing a home state, there's not much of a rivalry between them, on account of NC State's fluctuation between decent and below average. This season's Jan. 8 matchup was no different, as the 9th ranked Tar Heels demolished the Wolfpack 107-56 in Chapel Hill. Ho hum.

Except something extraordinary happened at halftime of this otherwise vanilla game. One of the UNC ball boys, 11-year-old Asher Lucas, started launching half-court shots before the team Took the court to warm up for the second half. He drained the first one, much to the delight of the otherwise distracted crowd. Then he drained his second attempt, and suddenly everyone at the Dean Smith Center was totally focused on Lucas.

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So Lucas, young showman that he is, decided to shoot one more. The crowd went silent and he swished it. Based on the crowd's reaction, you'd think UNC just won a national championship on a buzzer beater. So shout out to Asher Lucas, who is making mid-January college basketball great again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock