Watch This High School Punter Boom a Punt From End Zone to End Zone

The kid has a leg.

The punter is one of the most important positions on the football field. Punters don't get as much praise as the quarterback, but on fourth down, they control field position, which can win or lose games. So the better the punter, the better field position a team will have. That's why every high school in the nation wishes they could have Frankton (Indiana) High School punter Jack Rogers.

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Why? Because Rogers can punt the ball end zone to end zone. That's right, during Frankton's game Friday night, Rogers punted the ball the full length of the field.

The Eagles were lined up on their own 8-yard line, putting Rogers in his own end zone. After his powerful kick, the ball traveled 70 yards in the air, landed, took a friendly bounce and rolled into the opposite end zone.


To be accurate, the punt counted as a 92-yarder and it sounds like the wind was blowing pretty hard. But still, a 92-yard punt that flew 70 yards in the air shows that Rogers has a very powerful leg. To prove that his great punt wasn't a one-off, check out the rest of his punts during that game. Most of them were around 60 yards, and this season he is averaging 43.7 yards per punt.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock