Watch This High School Quarterback Throw a Crazy No-Look, Behind-the-Back Pass to Score

Was this play really in the team's playbook?

Being a high school quarterback can be tough. Offensive linemen can miss blocks and wide receivers can drop passes, but an athletic quarterback can often make up for his teammates' shortcomings.

For example, check out this play from False River Academy out of New Roads, Louisiana. During their game last week, quarterback Damien Johnson executed a no-look, behind-the-back pass for a 2-point conversion, which put his team up by 7 points in the second quarter after their first extra-point attempt was blocked.

The play must have been in the playbook, because for a quarterback to scramble to his right, get pressured almost instantly and throw a behind-the-back pass across the field to the end zone on pure instinct is way too crazy to believe.

Even if it was a scripted play, it's still impressive, but chances are slim that it could be repeated.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock