Watch This Pennsylvania High School Running Back Break 10 Tackles On His Way to a TD During a State Championship Game

One of the most amazing touchdown runs we've ever seen.

There are tons of talented high school football players around the country doing wild things on the field on a weekly basis, so you know that if we're throwing up a highlight, it's got to be something special. That's the case with this 60-yard touchdown run by Steel Valley (Pennsylvania) High School running back Najhier West, a series of maneuver so breathtaking it deserves a spot in The Louvre next to the Mona Lisa.

In the third quarter of the PIAA (Class AA) State Championship game, which Steel Valley would win 49-7, West took a handoff at his own 35 yard line and proceeded to break the tackle of almost every single member of the defense. He broke his first tackle at the 45, leaping over a defender who dove at his legs. Engulfed by four more opponents at the 47, somehow he escaped, dragging one defender to the 50 before shaking loose, but not without stumbling and almost falling to the ground for a good two seconds.

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West doesn't fall, though. My man has more tackles to break. Once he regained his balance, he pulled a spin move to avoid another defender, then broke another two or three before finally scampering into the end zone without obstruction. West's final statline reads like a video game: 287 rushing yards and five touchdowns. That's all well and good, but people will remember his third quarter run for a very long time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock