WATCH: Two Weird Lakers Fans Fight Over Kobe Bryant's Shooting Sleeve and Proceed to Sniff It

This fan really wanted to experience the sights, sounds ... and smells of Kobe Bryant's final season.

Two Weird Lakers Fans Fight For Kobe Bryant's Shooting Sleeve, Proceed to Sniff It

If you've ever seen Kobe Bryant in China, you know the dude has developed a cult-like following among his fans. With a little less than three weeks left in Kobe's farewell season, fans continue to flock to both his home and away games to get a glimpse of their hero one final time.

Two Lakers fans in Utah took their hero worship to another level.

Sitting on the bench toward the end of the game, Kobe spotted two Lakers fans nearby and decided to toss them his (used) shooting sleeve. His throw fell short, though, landing in the hands of a man wearing a full camo jacket, who did not appear to want to give the sleeve up. One of the Lakers fans took matters into his own hands, yanking the sleeve away from the camo man as his female companion celebrated. She took the sleeve for herself, and took a deep inhale of its sweaty, gross aroma.

Kobe Bryant fans are weird, man.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock