WATCH: UFC Fighter Jon Jones Deadlifts an Absurd 525 Pounds

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is bulking up. Watch him deadlift 2.5 times his body weight.

Former UFC Champion Jon "Bones" Jones has long weighed 205 pounds, the required weight to fight in the light-heavyweight division in which he competes. Recently, he put on some muscle, clocking in at 222 pounds; and after witnessing one of his latest Facebook posts, we can see how he got there.

Jones can be seen here deadlifting 525 pounds, almost 2.5 times his body weight, with relatively good form. He completes the lift with a primal scream, letting us all know that "Yeah, I can do this, and you definitely don't want to fight me." His 22-1 record in the Octagon supports that notion loud and clear, and this video just confirms it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock