WATCH: UL-Lafayette Football Team Performs The Craziest Wall Sit in History

Is that Strength & Conditioning coach Lewis Caralla walking on top of the Ragin' Cajuns? It is.

In January, Lewis Caralla was named the new head strength and conditioning coach for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Judging by a recent video from Ragin' Cajuns offensive lineman Ethan Rosenbalm, it looks like Caralla is already running a pretty tight ship:

Yes, that was Caralla barking out orders while he used his own players as a human bridge. Wall Sits are a great drill to build lower-body endurance and mental toughness, which is exactly what a football team needs to close out games. But doing them with a plate on your thighs while you belt out your fight song and your strength and conditioning coach marches across your lap? That's one helluva way to finish a workout.

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It seems like Caralla is motivated to help turn around a UL-Lafayette football team that finished 4-8 in 2015, and the players look like they're buying in. Just look at how they storm into the weight room in this video Caralla posted earlier this off-season:

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock